The Ploot Story

Our Mission

Last summer, we had a lightbulb moment that private swimming pools and tennis courts are often only used infrequently by their owners, which is a real waste! We know that pools and courts have the capacity to bring so much joy and entertainment to friends and families alike. So, we resolved to do something about it and Ploot was born. 

Our mission is to enable fun experiences by providing access to unique private spaces. 

What is Ploot?

Ploot is the first online marketplace in the UK for outdoor spaces.

The aim is to bring together pool and tennis court owners with people looking to enjoy these kinds of facilities. For guests, Ploot will provide affordable access to local pools and courts without the hassle of ownership. For hosts, Ploot will allow them to cover the running costs of an underutilised asset and share the space with the local community. 

Hopefully, swimming pools and tennis courts will just be the start! We have a few ideas in the pipeline but feel free to make any suggestions to our team.

Charitable Partners

All going well, we are looking to partner with one or more charities in the future! Ideally, we would like to partner with charities that provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups to be more active and play sport. If you have any suggestions please get in touch with our Customer Care team.