Community Standards

Our mission to allow pool and court owners to share their amazing facilities with other people in the local area relies on all our members helping to build a trusted and safe community. We’ve created these community standards to promote the behaviours we expect from members, which we will do our utmost to uphold on Ploot. This is a living document, which will be constantly updated to reflect the needs of our community. 

All members should be:

  • Respectful. Please be kind and considerate in all your interactions. Any discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated. Make sure to treat other people’s spaces like you would your own.
  • Reliable. Be timely in your responses to any queries you receive and honour any commitments you make. Communicate clearly and do not inconvenience other members. 
  • Honest. Do not try to make bookings outside the platform. It erodes the sustainability of the community. We will remove any member attempting to do so. 

Hosts should be:

  • Safety-conscious. Prioritise the safety of your pool or court. For pool owners, due consideration should be given to: safety of the pool area, pool maintenance and water treatment, safety equipment, and appropriate pool rules. Court owners should ensure the court surface is safe to play on.  
  • Genuine. Accurately detail your pool or court, making sure the descriptions and photos are representative. Any potential issues should be highlighted. 
  • Committed. Put in every effort to maintain a high standard for your pool or court. Check between each booking and always put your best foot forward to ensure good reviews and repeat bookings. 

Guests should be:

  • Tidy. Leave spaces as you found them and take your rubbish with you. Leave only footprints behind! 
  • Truthful. Be open about what you are using the space for and how many people will be there. If you break or damage anything please report it immediately to the host. 
  • Timely. Keep an eye on the time and leave punctually at the end of your session in case there is another booking after you.